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April 31, 2012 – The Summer Ahead

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What a week last week was.  I’m the creative lead on the redesign of an old arena in New Sudbury that’s being turned into a Film Studio, and we now have it gutted, ready to rebuild!  A day of location scouting on Jason Priestly’s directorial feature film debut.  And to top it off, the NOMFMA Conference – 2 days of Northern Ontario Film Industry shmoozing.  And what did I get out of all of it? If half of the projects slated for Northern Ontario this year go ahead, we f**ked.  There just isn’t enough crew up here for this many projects overlapping.  Things are underway to rectify this, but it won’t be in time to train enough people for this tight a schedule.

That being said, I enjoy a good challenge.  Bring it on.